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The Transfiguration
by John of Euchaita

Tremble, spectator, at the vision won thee!
Stand afar off, look downward from the height,
Lest Christ too nearly seen should lighten on thee,
And from thy fleshly eyeballs strike the sight,
As Paul fell ruined by that glory white!
Lo, the disciples prostrate, each apart,
Each impotent to bear the lamping light!
And all that Moses and Elias might,
The darkness caught the grace upon her heart
And gave them strength for! Thou, if evermore
A god-voice pierce thy dark,--rejoice, adore!

This poem was written in the 11th century by John of Euchaita, a.k.a. John Mauropous, a Byzantine Christian. In addition to poetry, he wrote several hymns that are still chanted in some Orthodox churches.

Mt. Tabor, the traditional place some scholars think the Transfiguration took place. Other scholars speculate the Transfiguration took place on Mt. Hermon. Top and left: a view of Mt. Tabor. Middle and bottom, center and right: Outside and inside views of the Basillica of the Transfiguration on Mt. Tabor.

Raphael’s depiction of the Transfiguration. This is interesting in that while the disciples and Jesus are doing their things, below, other people are focused on the epileptic boy in Matthew 17:14-20. Note that the boy is the only person in the foreground looking up at Jesus.

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