Psalms Project

To view the February, 2009 update of the Psalms Project, including our first submission, click here.

As our first project for Artists Workbench, we have chosen the Psalms Project. Why? The Psalms were songs, worship, poetry. It seems that the Psalms of the Bible are the obvious starting place for a group of Christian artists.

Your assignment:
Create an original piece of art based on a particular psalm (or a portion/verse from a psalm) in the Bible. Your artwork can be music, painting, sculpture, poetry, drama, dance, creative writing, or other possibilities. Once you have made your art, you can either post it here, or post it somewhere else and give us a link to your project. If we get enough, we can possibly have a gallery show.

To help you get creating, perhaps these links will help inspire you. These are all artworks in different mediums using the Psalms as inspiration.

Visual Arts:

Here is an artist who has already made and posted many renditions of art he has created from the Psalms.

Here are different portraits of King David from many different artists.


This link is a video of a church's dance team performing their conception of Psalm 23:6. Sorry, we couldn't imbed this one.

Music and photography:

Here is an interesting web page about the instruments available in biblical times and mentioned in the Bible. Many of them were actually mentioned in the Psalms.

Short film/drama:

We hope this inspires you to get creating. To see the December entry for the Psalms Project, click here.

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Stushie said...

Thanks for posting the link to my Psalms project. I hope that you get many creative Christians to join in.

I also have a blog with my artwork. You can see it at

God bless you