Heaven's Snowflake
by Wendy Kohlhoff

So Curious about the Christmas snow.
Hoping in every flake to spy.
God's magic in all its intricacies
Released from His cupped hands on high.
Why were they created, each so unique
And precious in every way?
Mesmerized by the thought He took
To bring such vision to light today.
Each snowflake holds a priceless key
For our Lord's heart of all things.
Each crystal unlike its neighbor
Glide to earth on heaven's wings.
Alone we too are dramatic and rare
Each life gifted in His eyes.
But united together in tender prayers,
Our voices will blanket the skies.
-Wendy L. Kohlhoff
© 1998

Palmdale resident Wendy Kohlhoff writes poetry. She has more poetry posted on her website http://home.earthlink.net/~wkohlhoff/.

Do you have a poem to share? You can post it below in the comments, or contact Todd at epistrophy@aol.com for consideration in a feature on this website. This month, poems about Christmas or winter themes would be recommended.

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