Suggested New Year’s Resolutions for Christian artists

1. I will keep a sketchpad and/or notebook everywhere so that I can quickly jot down song ideas or sketch thumbnails of ideas whenever inspiration hits me (before I forget).

2. I will make sure I pursue God every day.

3. If one of my friends asks me to write a song, photograph the family, or make a sculpture, I will gently suggest my friend compensate me not only for the materials, but also for my time and creativity.

4. I will pray before I seriously begin a piece of art, even if the particular art is not necessarily for a Christian audience (maybe that kind of art needs even more prayer).

5. I will set aside a regular time for my art (1/2 hour a day, for instance, or 2 hours every Saturday).

6. I will create a portfolio.

7. I will use my art at least once for my church this year, whether it is choreographing a dance for a Sunday morning worship service, painting a mural for the nursery, writing a song for a sermon topic, or writing a poem to be included in a bulletin.

8. I will study my art to become more excellent (such as learning to read music, taking a college class, taking lessons, reading through a set number of the related books in the public library, etc.)

9. I will save up to buy a luxury item or make something that I have always wanted, such as a backdrop, costume, a new sable brush, or a computer program that will help me in my art.

10. I will try something new in my art, such as learning to use watercolor pencils, using an unfamiliar sized canvas, trying to write a song in a different style, or learn a dance from a different culture I am not familiar with.

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