Songs About Spring

The weather is warming up, birds are singing, flowers are blooming. It's spring! Here is a collection of songs that should inspire springtime in your heart. While you won’t likely hear most or all of these songs on radio stations that play CCM, hopefully these songs will inspire you to write your own springtime song, or choreograph your own springtime dance. Enjoy!

One word of warning….the videos all have different volume quality levels, so make sure your volume adjust is handy as you go from one song to the next.

U2 - Beautiful Day

With a first chorus that goes, “It's a beautiful day/Sky falls, you feel like /It's a beautiful day/Don't let it get away,” this song may not be about spring exactly, but it certainly belongs on this list.

Spring Medley

This springtime medley performed by Erroll Garner on Piano, Eddie Calhoun on bass, and Kelly Martin on drums is fantastic for its musicianship and sound quality. It’s a big long (just shy of 10 minutes), but listening to it will put you in a springtime mood for sure.

The medley consists of three instrumental Richard Rogers (from Rogers and Hammerstein) tunes “Spring is Here,” “It Might as Well be Spring,” and “Lover.”

Springtime by Marc Errico

This one man band (he plays the guitar, sings, and plays harmonica while providing his own rhythm section) gives springtime a bluesy feel.

Beautiful Sunday by Daniel Boone

This song was released in 1972. The video cuts off before the end, but you can get the gist anyway. You can’t help getting into the springtime mood with lyrics that say

Birds are singing, you by my sideLet's take a car and go for a rideHey, hey, hey, it's a beautiful dayWe'll drive on and follow the sunMakin' Sunday go on and onHey, hey, hey, it's a beautiful day

The Rain, The Park, and Other Things by the Cowsills

If this song doesn’t temporarily transport you to springtime in the 1960’s, you must be crazy. This video has the added benefit of having Spanish translation of the lyrics.

Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White by Perez Prado

One of the most famous slices of cheese ever to emit from the 1950’s. But, if you like mambo, you’ll probably enjoy this song.

Spring Fever by Elvis Presley

Spring fever, Spring is here at lastSpring fever, my heart's beating fastGet up, get out spring is everywhere

Feist 1-2-3-4

This song isn’t about spring, but who can’t identify with the teen angst she’s singing about that comes in the springtime? The video is well-choreographed as well.

Cat Stevens Morning has Broken

Stevens got the lyrics from a hymn book he found at a bookstore while looking for song ideas. It was a children's hymn by Eleanor Farjeon, who also wrote a lot of children's poetry.

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Anonymous said...

At first I blanched at seeing a Cat Stevens song here because of his conversion to fanatical Islam. He's said some pretty hateful things about America and Christians. But it is a beautiful song and glorifies God's creation very well.