Tell Them About It!

Artists Work B.e.n.c.h. is only as strong as its people. There is no official membership roll, but there are people who are actively participating as “members” by going to songwriter showcases, creating art for the Psalms Project, keeping up with the webzine, reading the bookclub selection, going to an event posted on the Happenings page, and many other things.

Scenario 1: You are at your church’s worship rehearsal and, during a break, you talk to some of your bandmates about Artists Work B.e.n.c.h. The people seem interested.

Scenario 2: You want to start a drama ministry at your church, and you approach your pastor with the idea. You want to give your pastor more information about the type of art that Christians are involved in.

Scenario 3: You are at a concert or a museum and you strike up a conversation with a stranger about Christian art. You find out your new compadre is also a Christian interested in the arts.

What do scenarios 1, 2, and 3 have in common? The answer: your next step.
Introducing Artists Work B.e.n.c.h. calling cards! Below you will find an image with eight business card sized “calling cards” about Artists Work B.e.n.c.h. on them. If everyone involved in Work B.e.n.c.h. printed out just one page of these and passed them on to eight other interested parties, this group will grow and become stronger. We are only as strong as our members. Even though we don’t have official membership, we can only do activities that our members will participate in.

Do you want a dance concert where area choreographers show off their choreography? We can’t do it unless we get choreographers involved in Artists Work B.e.n.c.h.
Do you want a gallery show where area Christian artists show off their paintings and sculptures? We can’t do it unless we get painters and sculptors involved in Artists Work B.e.n.c.h.

Do you want more concerts? More theater productions? More classes and workshops? More bookclub discussion locations? More, more more?
Obviously, we cannot have those things unless we have people involved in Work B.e.n.c.h. who have those talents.

And the only way we will get more people involved is to tell more people about it.
So, your assignment for the month of February is to tell eight people about Artists Work B.e.n.c.h. who would be potentially interested. If you think about it, you can probably name eight people right now who go to your church or work with you or live in your neighborhood.

Click on image to make larger. Then print page. Page will print slightly smaller than a letter-sized 8 ½ X 11 piece of paper. Then, cut the cards out and give them to interested people.

Note: So there is no misunderstasnding, remember that these are for people interested in Christian arts. Priority one is to tell the lost about Jesus, but if a person knows about Jesus, tell him or her about Artists Work B.e.n.c.h!


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I didn't realize how important this organization was until I started talking to people at church about it. A lot of people I know are interested. Thanx for the cards.